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College & Career Readiness

At Vista Preparatory Academy we believe that all students are capable of continuing on to post-secondary education.Post-secondary education is any education after high school. Examples include: obtaining a college degree(s), technical schools, or certificate programs.

Vista Preparatory Academy is a GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Under-graduate Programs) School. The GEAR UP grant provides funding and resources to foster a college–going culture and to promote college and career awareness.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Stacey Garrett, College OPTIONS Advisor to Vista Prep HERE or call 530-736-3399

What can I do while my student is in middle school to help prepare him/her for post-secondary education?

Help your child to develop the strong skills and necessary habits to be successful in furthering their education. These include:

Organization Skills
Study Skills
Homework Completion
School Attendance
  • Prepare a quiet area for your student to do daily homework.
  • Attend Vista parent meetings and parent program opportunities when possible.
  • Login to the parent portal often to keep abreast of your student’s academic progress.
  • Talk to your student about the importance of education.
  • Talk to your student about their interests and possible future careers.
  • If possible take your student to visit local college campuses. Many colleges have virtual tours that can be viewed online.
What is Vista Preparatory Academy doing to help prepare my student for college and career?

At Vista Preparatory Academy (Vista Prep) we have the highest expectations for all students.

At Vista Preparatory Academy our GEAR UP Leadership Team meets monthly and works to utilize provided funding and resources in the best possible way to increase the success of our students in preparation for college and career.

At Vista Preparatory Academy we have prepared a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for academic success in high school and beyond.

At Vista Preparatory Academy we foster a learning community of collaboration among our faculty for successful outcomes for students.

At Vista Preparatory Academy our faculty participate in professional development opportunities that keep our teaching staff abreast of successful and proven teaching practices and strategies.

Our most recent professional development opportunities have included:
  • NEU: No Excuses University Training
  • Common Core Training
At Vista Preparatory Academy we are continually fostering collaboration with our partnering agencies that assist in providing outstanding opportunities to promote college awareness to students and families, our faculty, and in our community. Some of these agencies and programs include: