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Student ExpectationsTop of Page

We hold very high expectations for each one of our students in the areas of academics, behavior, and citizenship.  We want to support every student in being successful, which is why we are so clear about how we expect our students to learn and behave appropriately.

Academic PerformanceTop of Page

Each student is expected to show mastery of the Common Core Standards for his/her grade.  At Vista Preparatory Academy, it is expected that all students will turn in their completed work on-time, and that they will be ready to learn with enthusiasm each day.  Most importantly, we are here to support you by effectively teaching each standard, and by providing you with feedback, coaching, and assistance when needed so that you can truly excel in each subject.  You have one teacher dedicated to your success, and he/she is the one that you need to trust, respect, and communicate with each day related to your learning.  We are going to ask you to try very hard, and to learn many new things but we commit to helping you do it.

Student BehaviorTop of Page

Our students are expected to behave in a respectful, responsible, and polite manner at all times.  This isn’t any ordinary school, and we want to be proud of our students.  Students are expected to cooperate and problem-solve when issues arise, and to help be the ones to make issues right.  At Vista Preparatory Academy, we know that students learn best in classrooms without disruptions and misbehavior, so we make it very clear that everyone is to be on his/her best behavior at all times.  There are so many great things going on here, who has time to misbehave?  No one.  You would miss all the fun.

CitizenshipTop of Page

Part of being a good citizen is committing to the larger community.  Our community at Vista Prep is full of opportunities for students to help.  In addition to working well with other students in and out of the classroom, we welcome our students to help our school in other ways as well.  We have several clubs, many with a service component, that help students find meaningful ways to connect with, and contribute to, the school.  We also discuss the responsibilities of citizenship throughout the year, and provide examples and projects so that everyone can be a part of our school.